Furnace & AC Monthly/Yearly Checklist


Monthly - Year-round

  •  Replace filters monthly. If dirty or clogged, replace with a filter that is the same size.
    • To  change filter, open up the return air panel, usually it is near the  “boot” that connects from the ceiling to the side of your furnace.
    • Pull  out the old filter to inspect. If dirty, replace with new filter.If it  has been over a month, replace it, because it could have dust or sheet  rock dust in it that looks clean.
    • Important! Make sure arrow is  pointing the direction of the airflow, otherwise it will restrict air  flow and cause problems for your furnace.

Monthly in winter

  • Check exhaust for ice build-up or other blockages, clear if necessary
  • Check burners for yellow or wavy flames
  • Listen for motors sounding louder/different than normal, this can let you know whether they are starting to go bad
  • Check around furnace for evidence of water leakage
  • Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Monthly in Summer

  • Check outdoor condensing unit for debris and dirt on coil fins, clean if needed
  • Check copper lineset for ice build-up or frost (inside and outside) 
    • if you notice frost or ice, you could have a refrigerant leak or a plugged filter
  • Check drains to ensure proper draining to avoid water leak in and around furnace
  • Listen for louder/different noises on the condenser fan motor and furnace blower motor

Yearly in Fall and Spring

  • Have a HVAC professional perform a furnace tune-up in the fall and an air conditioner tune-up in the spring annually to ensure longevity and efficiency for years to come

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