Energy Saving Ideas

We like to help our customers save money. We understand that repairing a  furnace can turn out to be a little spendy. So here are a few ways that  you can save money and be more efficient and prevent costly service  calls down the road. 

Make your home more energy efficient:

  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated (R-38 to R-44)
  • Provide adequate ventilation for air circulation in your attic
  • Plant trees around your home for windbreaks and sun protection
  • Weatherstip and/or caulk around windows and doors

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Stay warm this winter

Don't put this off


Follow some general furnace maintenance guidelines to increase longevity of  furnace, get your furnace cleaned yearly and change filters regularly. 

Furnace Efficiency Tips


  • Check filters monthly and change as needed
  • Clean humidifier at beginning of heating season and change humidifier pad yearly
  • Check ducts and repair leaks or separations, insulate if in an unheated area
  • Check flue pipes for signs of rust, corrosions or holes

Boiler Efficiency Tips


  • Check/clean exhaust venting for plugs or leaks
  • Check water pressure and temperature on gauge
  • Check for water leaks
  • Inspect for rust and debris in and around burners
  • Schedule your annual Gas Boiler Tune-up to ensure proper operation when you need it most

Stay cool this summer

Keep your AC running


Yearly maintenance on you air conditioning system is recommended as  well. 

We make sure that the coil gets cleaned with our eco-friendly coil  cleaning solution and that the blower motor is clean after the heating  season. 

Cool Comfort


  •  Keep windows protected from direct sunlight with awnings and trees
  • Apply tinted film to windows in direct sunlight to avoid overworking air conditioner
  • Keep cooling system clean, including: filters, fans, ducts, vents and thermostats.
  • Keep condensate drain line clean and not plugged
  • Keep air vents and returns unblocked by furniture and drapes
  • Adjust registers for upward air flow
  • Keep outdoor condenser clean from debris, leaves, sticks, grass. You can clean with garden hose.

Other heating & Cooling Tips


  •  Keep thermostat at 65-68F during the day and 60 at night, set lower when away for long periods of time
  • Keep fireplace damper closed when not in use
  • Keep doors to unheated areas closed (basement, garage, attic)
  • Humidify when necessary, dry air evaporates skin moisture and makes you feel colder
  • Use exhaust fans only when needed
  • Stretch plastic over windows to keep cold air out
  • Schedule Furnace Preventative Maintenances, Air Conditioner Tune-Ups, and Whole-House Duct Cleaning!